The focus of my consulting practice, EXIN Advisors, LLC, is working with owner/managers of small businesses. EX represents experience and IN is for insight. My theory is that the client’s experience together with mine can lead to insight about the business and greater success.

I managed a successful family business with my partner for 40 years. Our business both thrived in the boon years and survived in periods of economic slowdown.  Through good times and bad, I garnered expertise in all aspects of business management – financial, sales, analysis and decision-making; but perhaps the most important lesson was that the answers were within me if I took the time to look.

 Through dialog and being an effective listener, I foster the openness needed to lead clients to discover insights into their core business issues, which then allows for in-depth analysis, establishing or revising goals, addressing difficulties and achieving results. Ultimately, my aim is to guide my clients toward both professional and personal success, while minimizing stress and maximizing rewards.

 My years of experience taught me that owning and managing a business can be an overwhelming and lonely job, but at the same time can be very gratifying. I have shown that I have the ability to assist small business owners to reap the benefits of entrepreneurship, both professional and personal.

Andrew A. Vernicek, Jr., President
Integrity Express, Inc.

Working with Exin Advisors is always a pleasure! Phil is patient, thorough, and has an exceptional knowledge
Phil is always on the ball!

He quickly grasps what we want and directs us on how to achieve our goals.

He is very responsive, trustworthy, and always just a phone call away!
We really consider Phil when making any business decisions to move forward. The service Phil provides is essential to our business and a tool we will always use!

Chad Peters, President
David Ellis Events

At a time of major changes in my company, I turned to Phil McGee at EXIN Advisors.

Phil is like having the perfect partner, always available, and never afraid to tell me what I need to hear. He’s had decades of experience owning and operating a successful business, and has 20/20 vision when it comes to oncoming problems. With over 100 employees now, my business needed to transition from a small family business to a mid-tier corporation. Phil’s direction is always based on facts and results. Having this partner not only forces me to step back and identify issues within my company, but it gives me the tools I need to follow through with solutions.

Hiring EXIN has been one of my best business decisions.

Jim Lampariello, President
Positive Impact Partners  

Phil McGee has decades of business experience and knows the right way to pass on that experience to help build a business.  Phil can boil down a situation to its most important parts and is a part of your team that drives revenues. 

Phil deserves a great deal of the credit for the recent renewal of an annual $700,000 contract that is now solid for the next three years.  

His knowledge and experience makes him a very tough business person who also wants to have some fun and be fair



This client has been running a high intensity business providing services to legal and other industries.  The business was functioning well but the partners, each owning 50%, were seriously out of balance regarding both effort and responsibility.  My contact, who is the company CEO and primary founder recognized that he was the driver of the business and was getting tired of carrying the entire burden.  He thought it might be a good idea to determine the value of the business in the marketplace.  We identified potential buyers and contacted them, initiated the necessary NDAs and followed up with a few meetings.

 These meetings showed conclusively that the value of the company in the marketplace was significantly less than the value provided to the partners going forward.  The next thought was to figure out how to buy the shares of the other partner who had been involved in the meetings with the potential buyers and knew the limited value of selling the entire company.  A plan had to be laid out.

What did my client want from the business and was he prepared to continue shouldering all the responsibility and, if so, does he have a timetable and an exit strategy.  He decided that he was willing to continue as CEO for a maximum of five years.  We then developed a proposal for purchasing the other 50% over a five-year period.  The total dollar amount of this proposal was significantly higher than that offered in the marketplace and my contact was willing to take either side.  He would either buy the other 50% or sell his to the other partner.

The next step was to identify an employee or employees who could be approached as potentially buying into the company as an equal partner and thus providing my contact with an exit strategy.

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